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Graphic Designer/Video Editor - New York

We are seeking a Graphic Designer/Video Editor for the New Media department. The position’s responsibilities will include creating graphics and editing photos and videos for social media platforms.


Associate Producer - San Francisco

This is an amazing opportunity for aspiring news producers. The Associate Producer would be expected to assist in all aspects of show production on a daily current events and world news show. This role requires a strong production background with a minimum of 2+ years in news and/or digital media...


Coordinator - Commercial Operations - New York

The Coordinator of Commercial Operations will effectively ensure the accurate interpretation and execution of commercial media per agency issued instructions.


Branch Assistant - Calabasas

The Domestic Distribution Assistant to the Director of Sales performs general support and administrative duties for the director as well as tasks for the Calabasas office. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: daily gross collection, BOR processing, setting promo screenings, making...


Sales Assistant - Los Angeles

Have you ever wondered how television commercials get to your TV? Or about the strategy behind which commercials air on which networks and why? If you ever had an interest in advertising sales this could be the perfect fit for you!


Sr. Producer - San Francisco

The primary goal of a Senior Producer at Discovery Digital Networks is to oversee all aspects of production for assigned in-house and out of house produced properties. Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in producing Web Video content for entertainment purposes as well as an...


Research Analyst - New York

Responsibilities: 1. Closely monitor and track network series and dayparts daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly as well as major competitors utilizing Nielsen Media Research systems. 2. Develop sales positioning one-sheets and presentations to sales staff using Nielsen and syndicated data. 3...


Photo Production Specialist

Responsible for the procurement, organization and management of digital still and marketing assets for original productions for the promotion of Starz into various media and marketing channels.


Receptionist - Beverly Hills

The Working Title Films Receptionist/2nd Assistant provides general administrative support including phones, copies, filing submissions, processing invoices, scanning, and supply upkeep. The Receptionist/2nd Assistant will maintain an organized and efficient office while attending to visitors and...


Associate Producer - New York

The Associate Producer, Video and Content Production will produce, oversee and manage an entire project (video, TV commercial, epk, DVD/Blu-ray etc) from the beginning stages of the “idea phase” through completion and delivery of the final master.

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