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Newsperson/Sports Producer - New York-New York

Job Description

We are seeking two part-time occasional (PTO) Newsperson/Sports Producers for its SNTV New York City location.

-These PTO Newsperson/Sports Producers are responsible for intake and output of sports news content for global distribution.
-Primary responsibilities include editing sports highlight wraps from live event broadcast feeds, downloading, editing and distributing content delivered via FTP and other digital distribution vehicles, scripting and shot-listing highlight wraps and topical sports news and feature packages in specific SNTV style which enables translation into multiple languages, publishing content and scripts via ENPS for distribution to worldwide media clients.
-These producers write and edit sports packages for SNTV international sports clientele.
-He or she edits content using video and audio software programs on tight deadlines.
-These Newspersons conceives visual stories and gathers all required elements.
-These positions can include field work in which the Newsperson coordinates and conducts interviews with athletes, coaches, etc.
-The Producers will use video and audio equipment to gather and file content from the scene of a story.
-The producers plan visual storytelling for major national and international sporting events.
-They will liaise with Broadcast and text sports staff during spot/breaking news.

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