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Part Time Internship: Media Production Assistant (Post Graduate)

Job Description

Under the direction of the Executive Producer and the Production Manager, this position will be responsible to assist in the creation of various types of media for all Steelers-related outlets including In-Game, Television, Digital, and other mediums as necessary. The position will assist the Steelers staff through editing, motion graphics creation, and videography as well as designing, maintaining, and supporting live sets, virtual sets, press conferences, and other venues as required. The position must be able to act independently while fulfilling these responsibilities. The position requires knowledge of video production and studio production.

This is a Part-Time position, with hours that will fluctuate as team activities demand.

-Assist and Execute all aspects of video production including, creative concept and development, writing, directing, lighting, shooting, motion graphics creation, and video editing.

-Design, compose, and/or create various and professional shooting environments, both studio-based and in the field.

-Utilize both video editing and motion graphics techniques to support daily production.

-Understand and act upon an extensive knowledge of video formats, codecs, and transcoding/dubbing procedures, both digital and physical.

-Work as a member of a broadcast department which includes editors, videographers and graphic designers to meet stated company-wide goals.

-Manage and maintain metadata and digital assets in a mass media management environment.

-Create and deliver assets pertianent to the Pittsburgh Steelers to multiple platforms on-time and on-budget.

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