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Job Description

-Brings in story ideas everyday
-Builds and maintains a list of sources
-Builds relationships in the newsroom and the community
-Turns stories on deadline that are fair, accurate and engaging to the audience.
-Presents those stories on live television in an energetic, conversational and creative style
-Posts and promotes those stories on the internet, social media, and other platforms and engages with our viewers.
-Cultivates curiosity
-Relishes personal responsibility, including learning new things and adapting to change as the world and the industry evolve.
-Works well in a team environment.
-Refuses to give up, even when people arenít returning telephone calls.
-Protects the reputation and integrity of self and that of the station.
-Welcomes coaching and constructive criticism.
-Understands and enjoys the privilege of representing the station at community events.

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