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Field Tech (2 Positions) - Temp (Camera/Lighting/Audio)

Job Description

-Sets up and operates ENG cameras for single camera and multiple camera productions, including robotic cameras.
-Sets up and operates audio equipment, including mixers, audio boards and microphones for our standard single and multiple camera productions and understands how that equipment works.
-Sets up, operates and is knowledgeable about equipment and power requirements needed to light single camera and multi-camera events that take place in hotels, think tanks, Capitol Hill hearing rooms, etc.
-Sets up and understands the operation and signal flow of all portable and permanent rack systems used in C-SPAN productions.
-Sets up and operates C-SPANs portable transmission gear and understands how this equipment works.
-Has knowledge of and understands how to route, patch and pool all permanently wired Capitol Hill rooms and locations to their respective hubs and hub rooms.
-Has knowledge of and understands how to use the patch panels in the US Capitol technical hub.
-Has knowledge of and understands how to use fiber transmission lines around Washington DC.
-Sets up, operates, cleans and understands how recording decks work, including setting menu systems, etc.
-Follows equipment procedures regarding safety, handling and trouble ticketing.

-Completes a running log of the time, names and descriptions of people speaking during events when assigned.
-Drives vans and mini-vans, knows directions to event sites in the metro area and can determine and follow appropriate parking procedures. Assists in the care and maintenance of these vehicles as well.
-Follows all financial procedures and guidelines, including timely and correct expense reports, time sheets and leave and special requests.
-Updates department records when necessary.
-Has knowledge and/or can perform basic day-to-day workings of the equipment room (similar to those of the Technical Assets Assistant).
-Stays abreast of and assists Field Department with integration of new technologies.
-Other duties as assigned.

-Consistently watches the network and follows public affairs.
-Demonstrates commitment to producing a quality, cost effective product.
-Adapts to changing priorities.
-Demonstrates dependability and initiative.
-Acts as a member of a team.
-Represents the network professionally in actions and appearance.

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