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Junior Designer/Animator - Bronx, NY

Job Description

- Assist in design and animation of graphics for scoreboard animations, info graphics, features, commercials and Yankees On Demand content

- Update custom After Effects templates

- Logo loops updating existing and creating new logo loops

- Headshots updating After Effects headshot templates and creating original headshot templates for baseball, soccer and football games

- Greenscreen footage ability to pull clean mattes to be used in headshots and other game elements

- Still advertisements update and design unique advertisements for stadium scoreboards for various initiatives

- Game prompts update and create new unique game situation still and animated graphics

- Crowd prompts - update and create new unique still and animated graphics to encourage crowd response

- Interstitials update and create new interstitial graphics for different stadium events

- Show package elements update and create new show package elements for Yankees OnDemand content as well as stadium events

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