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Digital Distribution Intern - Los Angeles, California

Job Description

Reporting to the VP Operations, the Digital Distribution Intern will provide various kinds of administrative support and technical/networking services to people and groups in Business operations.

-Will be working with multiple departments, internally and externally, to coordinate ISP and TEDS hardware install of 1200+ sites
-Working mostly on projects related to Telecommunications, networking and Technology-related developments.
-Daily email distribution to team members and clients to ensure install dates have been communicated
-Maintain up-to-date schedule on install status on Microsoft SharePoint
-Manage phone calls to ensure that attention is always given to the most urgent materials/requests first
-Update and maintain calendar; schedule meetings with numerous attendees as requested; reserve conference rooms
-Assist in administrative tasks by documenting approved changes and updating weekly reports, help create change orders, etc
-Act as a liaison in reporting project status to the internal team (reporting on schedule and cost, etc)
-Ability to support multiple departments simultaneously
-Manage and update agendas and grids so the most current information on projects is readily available

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